Doreanse 1254 Thong

Doreanse 1254 Smokin Thong

 If you’re looking for an underwear brand that is not only affordable, but also one of the more imaginative on the market then you’re not going to go wrong with Doreanse. And the 1254 Smokin Thong is a great example of that. The perfect combination

Manstore X Hysterie

Mens Jockstrap Underwear: Manstore Hysterie Jock

When you buy a jockstrap then you tend to expect something supportive  with a bit  of  sexiness about it, but this Hysterie X Jock seriously takes things up to another level with it’s unique cross-over styling Styled with a 2 cm flat elasticated waistband, this jock


Mens Jockstrap Underwear: Sukrew Laz FV Brief

WARNING: Okay straight up before I say anything else about this, I have to left you know that this jockstrap / brief from Sukrew is  in  seriously low stock as DGU so if you’re keen on it then seriously just ignore everything else I’m saying